Draw Unique Style Children's Book Illustrations

Draw Unique Style Children’s Book Illustrations

My name is Lidija Taranovic. I live and work in Belgrade, Serbia. I remember, when I was very small little girl, my mother asked me – “It’s nice that you like to draw, but what will you do in life to support yourself and your future family?”

Next thing that I know, I have been illustrating children’s books and magazines ever since. And I have been enjoying it more and more! For me, every project is a new challenge, a new excitement, a new adventure!
I like to draw people, their emotions, people in motion, people in very ordinary but also unusual situations…
This is what I love, but I draw everything, both what exists and what doesn’t exist.
I draw every day, at least a little.
This is very important because that’s how ideas are created and your unique style develops.
It’s a wonderful feeling when you start drawing something, because you’re never sure where will your imagination take you! ~ Taranovic

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