True North Oil on Linen by artist Eric J Drummond

The figures and portraits by the Painter Eric J Drummond

Eric began drawing at an early age. Born to parents from Madeira, Portugal and Le Marche,Italy; he was constantly inspired by western art, specifically the Italian Renaissance. Some of the artists most influential to Eric over the years include Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pontormo,Bronzino, Cellini, Bernini, Luca Giordano, Tintoretto, Rembrandt, Ribera, Ramon Casas, Velazquez, Carpeaux, Repin, Solomon J Solomon and many others. After studying Art History at the University of Guelph, he fulfilled his life goal of studying in Florence, Italy, graduating in painting and drawing in 2016. There he was taught to draw and paint the figure from life and compose portraits and still life’s, using the traditional methods and practices developed by the old masters from which he was so inspired by as a child.

He largely crafts his own materials, and hand preps his own canvases to ensure quality in each work. Figurative workexpressedusing the academic and classical principles are his focus; using the medium of paint or charcoal as a sensory experience to be observed as well. Using thickness and thinness of paint to translate form, compression of values to express light, and the experience of interacting with his subjects in person to express moments between human beings. Eric paints for the same reasons he did when he was young, it is a part of his identity.
Eric’s work has been awarded and featured by The Art Renewal Center, The MEAM Museum of Barcelona, and The Florence Academy of Art. He has exhibited internationally in Italy, Spain, The United States and Canada. ~ @eric.j.drummond

Portrait of Irene Manco by artist Eric J Drummond

A portrait of Lydia Mehari by Eric J Drummond

Realistic portrait painting by artist Eric J Drummond

Ritratto di Mariagrazia Lamancusa by Eric J. Drummond

Gothica Oil on Linen by artist Eric J Drummond

Still born Oil on linen by artist Eric J Drummond

Alyosha Oil on Linen by Eric J. Drummond

Anna Oil on canvas by Eric J. Drummond

Drawing of Virginia Charcoal and White Chalk on Roma Paper by Eric J Drummond

Lydia Charcoal and Graphite on Arches Paper by artist Eric J Drummond

portrait of Daniel from Puzzle by Eric J Drummond

Zoom in of a Self Portrait Eric J Drummond

Awards and Accolades:
2017 Scholarship Recipient – Florence Academy of Art
2017 Best Figure Drawing(First Year) – Florence Academy of Art
2018 Scholarship Recipient – Florence Academy of Art
2018 Best Figure Painting(Second Year) – Florence Academy of Art
2018 Art Renewal Center Scholarship Competition – Second Place
Art Renewal Centre Salon 2019 Finalist
2019 Best Figure Painting(Third Year) – Florence Academy of Art
2019 Best Painting of the Year – Florence Academy of Art
Graduate of the Florence Academy of Art – Class of 2019

2019 Third Place in Full From Life Category – ARC Salon Competition
FIGURATIVAS 2019 – Exhibition Member
Art Renewal Center Salon 2019 Exhibition Member – Barcelona(MEAM)/New York(Sothebys)

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