Hyper realistic Artist Johannes Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark Hyperrealist Artist

Johannes Wessmark was born in Karlstad, Sweden in 1962. After working as an advertising and computer graphics illustrator for 15 years, he realized his dream of becoming a full-time artist in 2006.

In my paintings, I want to convey a feeling of calm and relaxation. Water and landscapes a subject matters that have followed me for many years. I grew up in the country and have spent much time in the wilderness and forests around me. We also had a summer-house by the Swedish west coast where we spent many holidays. Positive experiences that came to influence me as an artist many years later. Hyperrealistic figurative and portrait painting together with landscapes have become my favorite motives over the many years as an artist, as you can see on my website www.johanneswessmark.se

Hyper realistic Portrait of Tove by Johannes WessmarkPortrait of Tove

Tyrann Mathieu portrait paintingTyrann Mathieu, the Honey Badger

Beauty in blue hyper realistic painting by Johannes WessmarkBeauty in blue

Hyper realism underwater model woman painting

Wet Lace 2

Amazing Hyper realism woman submerged painting by Johannes WessmarkSubmerged

Model swimming at the cliffs hyperrealism art by Johannes WessmarkSwimming at the cliffs

Root cellar hyper realistic landscape paintingRoot cellar

Road to light landscape paintingRoad to light

Sunny Grass hyper realistic landscape art Acrylic on canvasSunny grass

Wet Rocks hyper realististic landscape artWet rocks 2

Hyper realism Between the waves paintingWet stones

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