painting of animals

The painting of animals by Artist Yehiel Attias

Born in 1993 in Paris, Yehiel Attias, a self-taught painter, has devoted himself to drawing since his childhood. He tries different mediums and techniques pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, but his search for further exploration of colors leads him to discover the oil painting that never left.

Wild Animals Oil Paintings on Canvas by Yehiel Attias

He plays with subtlety between different contrast of monochrome black and white and color to bring out the light and focus the attention on the subject and thus make it alive. ~ yehiel attias

Lion Sun painting by Yehiel Attias“Lion Sun” Animal Oil Paintings on Canvas, 100×100 cm

Big Cat painting by Yehiel Attias“Big Cat” Oil on canvas, 120×120 cm

Bird painting by Yehiel Attias

“Bird” Oil on canvas, 50×50 cm

Black panther painting by Yehiel Attias“Black panther” Oil on canvas, 90×90 cm

Indian Rainbow painting by Yehiel Attias“Indian Rainbow” Oil on canvas, 80×80 cm

Lion painting by Yehiel Attias“Lion” Oil and Acrylic on canvas, 160×120 cm

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