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Merete Steinvik Haugen | Inspirational Paintings | Do you see me?

Paintings that tell stories. Layers upon layers Merete Steinvik Haugen is creating a mysterious world for the observer to dive into. Merete debuted in 2015 with 100 paintings on one subject; “Do you see me?”, about the people we do not see. The exhibition became a success and kicked off her journey, and now she is exhibited and demanded across seas.

Meretes paintings are portraying different aspects of human relations and emotions, set in a timeless environment of space, where the idea is that even the smallest creature is important for the whole large picture. She wants to create a representation of our time in history. Merete loves telling the untold stories of people. People on the street that you do not notice, who are those, and with the belief that every person has a story to tell. She is inspired by eyes that has lived a life, the moment in between the steps and that what is beautiful does not have to be pretty. ~

artist painting canvas Merete Steinvik Haugen“Each morning we are born again” Painting on canvas 140x220cm.

Chasing the Milky Way canvas art painting“Chasing the Milky Way” Painting on canvas 130x240cm.

Garden of roses painting by Merete Steinvik Haugen“Garden of roses” Painting on canvas 120x200cm.

large painting canvas by Merete Steinvik Haugen

“In the beginning lies the end, in the end a new beginning” Painting on canvas 140x280cm.

Our souls met long before our eyes did“Our souls met long before our eyes did” Painting on canvas 100x200cm.

canvas painting by Merete Steinvik Haugen“Sing me a song” Painting on canvas 100x120cm.

When a man moves mountains“When a man moves mountains, he starts by carrying small stones” Painting on canvas 120x180cm.

Trust is built in very small moments“Trust is built in very small moments” Painting on canvas 70x90cm, “Now we are free”  80x140cm and “You spin me around like a record” 120x200cm.

Merete says: « I want people to experience colours they haven’t seen before. I aim for my art to touch someone’s core, influence ways of thinking and give a voice to the silenced. I paint the small things in life, and I try to evoke feelings that are too complex for words. I wish to capture the beauty in life; passion and compassion. I want to whisper about the fragile and the uncomfortable. I believe that stars need darkness to shine. »

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