Beautiful hand painted furniture services by Lorisz Gagyi Painter

Painter Lorisz Gagyi Beautiful Hand Painted on Furniture

The artist behind “L&L Furniture Art” is Lorisz Gagyi, a furniture painter from Germany, Bad Kissingen.

She graduated Law University, worked in human resources, sales, administration. Never studied Art, when she was on maternity leave with her children, she started painting furniture, that was about 5 years ago. Approximately 1 year ago, she has started hand painting on her furniture.

In March last year, she has been asked by Dixie Belle Paint Company to work as one of their Content creators, so since then she has been demonstrating tips and tricks of the products that she is using.

When it comes to choosing her favorite style she always sides with Pop Art but at the same time, she likes experimenting. Always learning new techniques and methods. New designs, plans and strategies are always on the go. She does not find satisfaction in adopting the conventional methods and that is why she is always intrigued and charmed by the beauty of learning newness and inventiveness.

When she is painting she loves to recreate the magical, unrealistic and exaggerated beauty of a portrait, landscape, or objects, that seems to be from an imagined world. She always aspires to a world that looks like we just had a peek into a dream.

The reason she chooses to paint on furniture, is because this way she can create unique pieces that can be used in a home, and at the same time these pieces she believes that can bring colors, joy and positive energy to any interior.

She likes energy speak for itself that she believes radiates through colors and is also one the reasons for her likeness towards strong exaggerated colors that present extravagant view and are astounding at the same time. She lets this personal taste of her to inspire her every single day to bring freshness and novelty in the world of furniture renovation. ~ Lorisz Gagyi

Beautiful portrait hand painted face furnitureAvantgarde portrait, hand painted face, the lace is created with stencils and transfers

David Bowie portrait in Pop Art style furnitureDavid Bowie portrait in Pop Art style

Dragonflies living in the light hand paint furnitureDragonflies living in the light, elements of the nature presented in a magical, supernatural way

Frida Kahlo face hand painted furniture

Mixed Media creation, inspired by Frida Kahlo. The face is hand painted, the flowers are transfers and the dress is decoupage paper

Lady with Fan octagonal minibar Gustav Klimts paintingLady with Fan, octagonal minibar, at the top you can see the reproduction of Gustav Klimts painting

Neon portrait painted with pointilism tehnique on furnitureNeon portrait, painted with pointillism technique ,the surse of inspiration was a portrait photographed in Neon light

Stevie Nicks portrait painted in Pop Art Style on furnitureStevie Nicks, portrait painted in Pop Art Style

Superstar Girl cabinet painted Pop Art style furnitureSuperstar Girl, cabinet painted in Pop Art style

Eye Pop Art style painting on a SideboardThe Eye, Pop Art style painting on a Sideboard

The light inside you painted with pointilism tehnique on furnitureThe light inside you,painted with pointillism technique

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