The art of of Robert Steven Connett

The Artwork of Robert Steven Connett

Robert Steven Connett is a self-taught artist from San Francisco California, currently working in Los Angeles California.

Connett is often asked why he chooses to paint what he does. The simple answer is that these subjects fascinate him. He paints because he enjoys seeing his imagination come to life. However, a deeper answer is this: Connett’s work has become his sanctuary. It is a refuge formed from his imagination. He fears that the creatures of the earth that he loves and conjures in his work will become only a memory of a time when life was plentiful and mysterious. His paintings are his sanctuary but also a statement and a reminder to those who look at his art that life on our planet is all part of an exquisitely complex chain of evolution. Connett believes that his fellow humans have become the unwitting destroyers of our planet’s ecosystems through human invention and consequent overpopulation of the planet. We are too clever for our own good. Now we must become clever enough to undo the damage that we have caused. Ultimately it is our responsibility to stop the great extinctions that our species is responsible for starting. Connett’s paintings of abundant life and living ecosystems is both a reminder and a warning that what we have is slipping away. ~ rsconnettart

Birth Of Virus painting by Robert S Connett

Crustaceapods painting by Robert S Connett

Hydrozoa painting by Robert S Connett

Microverse painting by Robert S Connett

SpacePlankton Painting by Robert S Connett

Space Plankton painting by Robert S Connett

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