Beautiful portrait by Andrea Castaneda

Andrea Castaneda’s art represents strong emotions, passion and nostalgia

Andrea Castaneda Castro comes from Honduras Centro America. She likes to paint senior citizens because of their wisdom, compassion and love. Given their experience in life, they have managed to establish better priorities, they are people from whom you can ask for advice, they are very patient, tolerant and merciful. she characterizes herself as being a sensitive person and like any artist our feelings are on the surface.

Having grown up surrounded by the love of her grandparents and her nanny has allowed her to identify with people of the same generation. The image that she has of her grandparents and nanny is of hard-working people, they are people that she loves and values a lot, in their eyes she always appreciates the different emotions that transmit to her feelings of happiness, joy, sadness, pain, fear, hope, graciousness and determination. These are feelings and emotions that she always tries to capture in her paintings. Their lived experiences, the desire to cling to this life despite their ailments and so many stories that have been shared with us. For her eyes, through her paintings show how to make a tribute to their courage and strength.

When she paints animals with the elderly, she feels that she has achieve a perfect harmony in A painting because animals have a pure, innocent look without malice and I also see the same pure look in the elders. She often adds many flowers and nature to complete that communion, the flowers, they are beautiful and with their happy colors. She wants to convey that same joy to those who can appreciate her paintings. Since she is a naturally happy person, by adding flowers she wants to transmit that part of her personality through her work to the audience. ~ Andrea Castaneda

stunning portrait by Andrea Castaneda“Beautiful woman” Acrylic Painting, 16×20 inches.

Oil painting portrait by Andrea Castaneda“Earth” Oil on Canvas, 24×48 inches.

Freedom Oil on Canvas by Andrea Castaneda“Freedom” Oil on Canvas, 20×24 inches.

Old Man portrait by Andrea Castaneda

“Love” Acrylic on Canvas, 24×36 inches.

Mother Earth portrait by Andrea Castaneda“Mother Earth” Mixed media, Oil and Acrylic, Labradorite Stone, 30×40 inches.

Stunning portrait art by Andrea Castaneda“My Muse” Oil on Canvas, 16×20 inches.

Old age portrait by Andrea Castaneda“Oda a la alegria” Charcoal on Canvas, 12×12 inches.

Amazing Portrait art by Andrea Castaneda“Renaissance” Oil on Canvas, 48×60 inches.

Gorilla painting by Andrea Castaneda“Revolution” Oil on Canvas, 11.4×14 inches.

Art old age portrait by Andrea Castaneda“Surprise to my love ones” Charcoal on Canvas, 12×14 inches.

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