Collage painting art by Ipek Chi Art

Ipek Chi Art inspired by the surreal, magical world of art

Given the love for art since my childhood, I’ve always been mesmerized by the surreal, magical world of art.

Art consists with the sum of disciplines which take us apart from the imposed realities of life that come with the necessities of rational living; it’s an impulse that could turn eyes and minds to inner self for a while, pulls us through the deep meanings of the divine.

By these aspects, art is a light withstanding to life’s regular absolute reality; it’s a magic and an instrument that brings enlightenment to the soul.

I project things through my art that I’ve taken from my observations, inspirations and this is the most powerful and delightful way to express myself. I like to tell stories and create compositions related to the theme of my particular artwork.

Oil paintings by Ipek Chi Art

Applying my technical oil painting skill onto the canvas while creating a complicated composition is a challenge during the process of creating my art, thus very satisfying if the visuals of the theme in my head and the actual result meets well. The same process is also prevalent for my mixed media & collage artworks.

I like doing portrait painting also, which I reflect the soul, the personality of characters onto canvas; while I’m painting and on every layer I apply, I feel I merge with their soul; yes doing the painting is sometimes this kind of passionate.

I think the artist should not restrict herself to a particular style or technique. The universe is limitless, so the art as well…

The subjects of my works include philosophy, music, politics, mythology, and cinema characters who inspire me; thoughts and observations gained through life and along with that my area of interests form my subjects.

I’m creating my compositions by integrating elements such as symbols, design patterns and figures; thereby story of the painting came to life.
I specialize in oil painting, also doing mixed media, collage, charcoal artworks. I’m currently working in my studio in Istanbul. ~ Ipek Chi Art

“Key of Istanbul” Oil painting on Canvas, 80x80cm.

Surreal paintings by Ipek Chi Art

Istanbul is a historical city where all religions meet as a melting pot and along with this fact the city has no owner or master as depicted here conquerer Fatih Sultan Mehmet holds the key; but who can have it? May be in spiritual realm, angels, virgin Mary, Asian Turkic soldiers, who all existed passing through time, all together make guardianship and may they know the answer.

“Infinity Love” Oil painting on canvas, 110x100cm.

Painting with Mixed Media by Ipek Chi Art


“Illusion” Collage work, Magazine, print papers on cardboard, 70x50cm.

Painting with Mixed Media by Ipek Chi Art


“Phantasmagoria” Oil painting on canvas, 70x100cm.

Dark surreal art painting by Ipek Chi Art


“Himba Girl” Oil painting on Canvas, 50x40cm.

Surreal paintings by Ipek Chi Art


“Birds of Venus” Oil painting on Canvas paper, 65x50cm.

Venus art by Ipek Chi Art

In this composition, Venus has been settled in between worlds, there is no time in this undefined world, however, hope always exists as represented by sunflowers, along with composition, Birds represents eternity of the soul, mental activity and speed of the thought. Their colorful feathers indicate boldness, triumph and honour.
This artwork is original, hand painted oil painting on medium grained paper. Signed & framed.

“Caribbean Sun” Oil painting on canvas, 100x100cm.

Collage painting art by Ipek Chi Art


“Simba” Oil painting on Canvas, 80x80cm.

simba painting by Ipek Chi Art


“Cosmos” Oil painting on canvas, 90x90cm.

cosmos painting Mixed Media by Ipek Chi Art


“Peggy Cummins” Oil painting on canvas, 60x50cm.

Peggy Cummins portrait by Ipek Chi Art


“Friedrich Nietzsche” Oil painting on canvas, 50x70cm.

Friedrich Nietzsche Portrait by Ipek Chi Art

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