Contemporary figurative art by artist Bemused

Bemused Artist oil figure painter captures emotion in all paintings

Bemused {Dasha} is a 23-year-old artist who was born in a small city called Lipetsk, Russia, but moved to the US at a young age. She was always very artistic and creative and made art for as long as she can remember, always drawing or painting, going through the sketchbook after sketchbook. She has received many awards when she was younger, some being first place in the Maryland anti-drug poster competition and two silver keys in Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. When she got older, she started going to art museums in every city she traveled to and fell in love with Impressionism. Her biggest influences were Renoir and Degas, who inspired her to appreciate the curves and softness of the female form and face.

Bemused captures emotion in all her paintings by focusing on eyes and hands. She believes hands play just as powerful and important of a role as the eyes and that so much can be said with a gesture of the hand. She tries to experiment with every painting, but always keeping this core idea in each one. Bemused uses a bright yet soft palette, making work that brings a smile to one’s face. She is fueled by the eagerness to grow in her craft and create constantly. Her pieces range from portraits to slightly erotic work and these works best show who she is as an artist. ~ Bemused Artist

romantic figure painting by artist Bemused“Flow” Oil on canvas, It’s a 36×24 inches

Girl painting by artist Bemused

Realism art painting“Black Rose” Oil on canvas, It’s a 31.5×23.6 inches

Catrina art painting

“Catrina” Oil paint on solid birch wood block, It’s a 48×32 inches

Queen painting by artist Bemused“Flower Crown” Oil on canvas, It’s a 80×60 cm.

Girl portrait painting by artist Bemused“Light Source” Oil on canvas, It’s a 30×24 inches

Contemporary figurative art by artist Bemused“Summer day” Oil paint on wood, It’s a 32×48 inches

Romantic girl paintings by artist Bemused“Redhead” Oil on canvas, It’s a 36×24 inches

Romantic oil painting by artist Bemused“Silk” Oil on canvas, It’s a 24×20 inches

In love art, The art of love by artist Bemused“Whisky and Chess” Oil on canvas, It’s a 30×24 inches

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