Pointillism Art Dotwork and Stippling Drawings by Desislava

Traditional Artist Specializing In Dotwork and Stippling Drawings

My full name is Desislava Aleksandrova but no one has the time for that, so I go by Dessi. I’m a traditional artist specializing in dotwork/stippling, which basically means I have a lot of patience on my hands.

I’ve tried every medium available to me – painting, pastels, color pencils, graphite realism.. nothing felt right until I discovered dotwork and stippling. I only started to seriously get into mastering that technique in 2020 when the pandemic started but thanks to hyperfixation I’ve come a very long way since then.

The idea of building an image solely out of dots was fascinating to me because so far in my life I rushed every artwork I tried to create and that lead to many mistakes. With dots, you can’t rush. You have full control over every detail, every shape, every value and the texture is very unique to the style. And that’s why I became obsessed with pointillism (dotwork realism). And also because of people’s shocked faces when they realize the drawing is made completely out of dots. A drawing like that takes weeks, even months sometimes and that adds a lot of value to the finished pieces.

And since everyone needs a little chaos in their life, I never stopped painting and all my watercolors are very abstract, messy and half-complete. Pointillism is my order and watercolor is my chaos, and switching between them allows me to create everything my silly little head comes up with. ~ @dessihere

Abstract watercolor portrait on paper by Desislava

Abstract watercolor portrait by Desislava

Black and Red Dotwork Art on Paper by Desislava

Butterfly and Spider Touch Dotwork on Paper by Desislava

Closeups Kiss Dotwork on paper by Desislava

Dotwork and Stippling Drawings by Desislava

Dotwork and Stippling Drawings by Desislava

Pointillism Dotwork and Stippling Drawings by Desislava

Watercolor Artwork Stickers by Desislava

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