Expressionism Artist Nichapha Trongsiri

Award-winning Melbourne-based Artist Nichapha Trongsiri

Nichapha Trongsiri is an award-winning Melbourne-based artist. She loves designing UX/UI when she is not painting. The striking paintings of hers result from her intense desire to express her thoughts and emotions with the help of paint.

The creativity she always had was nurtured at university in Thailand, where she pursued a degree in Fine Arts. As a result, Nichapha’s lively artistic style is influenced by her Thai upbringing and her mentor George Haider. Specifically in the use of palette knives and sponges, which has resulted in a refined and elegant take on impressionism.

Nichapha’s way of explaining her feelings with the help of colours is phenomenal. Her style is praiseworthy, from showing the clarity with the use of fluids to creating the texture with the help of a palette knife. Her intellect to symbolize certain aspects in her artworks is beyond explanation. She uses the flowers to illustrate the ability of the woman to bloom in her surroundings.

She knows how to present the most delicate details in her work. For instance, the use of pink swatches in nudes shows women’s solidarity, putting bold and vivid colours to symbolize strength and beauty, and the use of bright and lively colours evoking the liveliness of the piece, making it personify happiness. Furthermore, one must admire her idea of using gold in her art pieces that gives the royal texture to her art and elicits her optimism and sense of creativity.
The main idea behind most of her artworks is to capture the notion of the strength of a woman.

Her work symbolizes not to shame the women and encourages the women to accept their natural looks. She believes that her work will promote positivity among women.

One of the unique facts about Nichapha is that she does not give a specific name to her artwork. Instead, she titles it as untitled and the number as she believes the viewer must provide that name according to their mood. This is because she wants to spread happiness and strength with the help of her paintings that is worth praising. ~ @nichaphaart

Abstract figurative acrylic painting by Nichapha Trongsiri

Abstract figure acrylic painting by Nichapha Trongsiri

Abstract woman figure painting by Nichapha Trongsiri

Original Abstract Nude Painting by Nichapha Trongsiri

Abstract figure art acrylic painting by Nichapha Trongsiri

Nude abstract expressionism painting by Nichapha Trongsiri

Abstract expressionism art by Nichapha Trongsiri

Original nude abstract expressionism painting by Nichapha Trongsiri

Abstract nude figure artwork by Nichapha Trongsiri

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