Artist Pyotr Zaitsev

Artist Peter Zaytsev modern sculpture, concrete, wood, bronze

Peter Zaytsev is a well-known Russian architect and a co-founder of za bor architects.
He designed buildings and spaces around Europe & Asia for big tech companies, created private interiors and designed Nagatinsky Zaton station for Moscow Metro.

Having gained success and recognition in the field of architecture, Peter decided to move to sculpture, which always fascinated him.
He tends to work with natural materials such as concrete, wood, bronze which is a tribute to his architectural career.
Today Peter Zaytsev’s works can be found in modern art galleries and private collections around the world. ~ Peter Zaytsev

“We” Concrete
Male and female sculpture by Pyotr Zaitsev

A unity of male and female by Pyotr ZaitsevA unity of male & female.

“Wave” Wood
Wave abstract wood wall art by Pyotr Zaitsev

Abstract wood wall art by Pyotr Zaitsev

Dynamic form. Still movement.

“Puppet M” and “Boulder” Reclaimed wood
Puppet M Wooden Sculpture by Pyotr Zaitsev

Puppet M wood sculpture by Pyotr Zaitsev

Boulder wood sculpture by Pyotr ZaitsevAn attempt at making eco-aware art. The beauty of reclaimed materials, that give a new piece its backstory.

“Patriot RAW”, “Patriot” and “Patriot OM” Concrete
Patriot RAW sculpture by Pyotr Zaitsev

Patriot Concrete sculpture by Pyotr Zaitsev

Patriot OM sculpture by Pyotr ZaitsevThe symbolism behind patriotism in Russia. The sad naked waiting figure, The patriotism consumer, The OMON worker, fighting peaceful protesters.

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