Pet portrait drawing by Madeleine

Coloured Pencil Artist Specialise in Realistic Pet Portraits

I am Madeleine, a self-taught coloured pencil artist. I specialise in creating realistic pet portraits and my favourite subject is dogs.

In 2017 I was searching for a hobby to de-stress, a new direction in life. I experimented with acrylic paint (which I will be trying again soon), pastels, watercolours and lastly, coloured pencils, which I fell in love with!
I really wasn’t sure how to start, how to use pencils or what to draw, dogs have always been a big part of my life, so my first drawing had to be a dog.

I drew a Spanish Galgo, I believe it was fate; I didn’t know anything about this breed, but I fell in love with the first galgo I saw. After learning what sheer horror this breed goes through at the hands of huntsmen in Spain and myself being a native, Galgos hold a special place in my heart and drawing them just comes naturally.

I had my first commission after only drawing nine dogs, it came as a huge surprise as I never expected to sell my drawings, I was over the moon and terrified at the same time, from what started as a pastime to what has become a part time career which I hope one day can be a full-time career.

I haven’t just learnt to draw realistic pet portraits with this wonderful medium of coloured pencils, I have also learnt to believe in myself and what I do as an artist as well gaining a lot of self-confidence which was always lacking in my life since childhood.
Don’t allow others to put you down, believe in yourself, chase your dreams and if you find your passion, don’t let go! ~ mufito_art

Animal art by Madeleine

MAX pet drawing by Madeleine

Muscles dog portrait by Madeleine

Tommy dog portrait by Madeleine

Sting dog portrait by Madeleine

Amy pet portrait by Madeleine

Floris dog art by Madeleine

Norman and Willow pet drawings by Madeleine

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