Create fantasy creatures by cha-shcha
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Create Fantastic Creatures by Knyazeva

My name is Knyazeva Maria and I am the creator of the fairy-tale world of trolls called cha-shcha. I create fantastic creatures, mostly trolls, and small forest folk. I believe that there are many fabulous creatures in nature, but they are not shown to people. I fantasize about what they might be like. In my work, I do not use standard forms and molds. Each creature I sculpt anew, without using ready-made parts. And even if I make a repeat of the troll to order, it will still be different from the previous one. So we can say that each creature is unique and there is no second one exactly like it. I put my soul and love into my creatures, so many customers leave comments that my trolls seem alive to them. And I believe that all toys come to life when no one is watching them. When creating trolls, I use baked polymer clay, glass eyes or agate beads, genesis paint, artificial plants, and only artificial fur. ~ cha-shcha

2 grass moths fantasy by cha-shcha

Creepy cute fantasy creature by cha-shcha

Troll fantasy creatures by cha-shcha

fantasy animal sculpture by cha-shcha

Small forest creatures by cha-shcha

roots of trees fantasy animal by cha-shcha

Fantasy creatures by cha-shcha

Overgrown with roots fantasy by cha-shcha

unique fantasy creature by cha-shcha

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