Figure and Sunflower Paintings by Jenny Han

Abstract Figure and Sunflower Paintings by Jenny Han

Jenny Han is originally from South Korea, studied Fashion at the University of Arts London and graduated in 2017. She worked partially as an illustrator and a private art tutor for young children in the middle of her education years. Previously, she engaged in fine art studio works for three years back during her 20s in South Korea.

She was intrigued by cartoon-based storybooks, making her enthusiasm to see reality as an abstract figure of platforms. She loved the dreamy lanes of focusing eyes into the philosophical world.

The majority of her works contribute to linking the syntax of image makings that she tries not to use any of the previous inventions experimented by other artists. The complicated-self from her whole engagement into identity journey through educations and experiences lead to being a multi-disciplinary visual artist.

She takes some whimsical abstract figures and cartoon based illustrated resources into one particular 2D format and then re-format the subjective images, remaining equivocal resemblances, and familiar symbols. Typically, her adoration of the sunflower became her loveable symbol of creation. It contains the whole validity of representational seeings into the abstract formation.

At present, she is grateful and appreciative for gaining genuine connections between international artists and art lovers through her fan-based responses on her Instagram gallery.

Figure and Sunflower Painting by Jenny HanHidden Photogenic Desire

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The Broken Rule

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Abstract Apple PaintingThe Hidden Truth about Success

Abstract Art Figure and SunflowerThe Dead End

Abstract Figure and Sunflower PaintingDon’t Squeeze My Heart So Badly, Love

Artist Website: | Instagram: @jennyjiyounghan

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