Leslie Sealey Animal Sculptures

Leslie Sealey: Whimsical Animal Sculptures

I’m Leslie Sealey, a sculptor living in San Angelo, Texas. I’ve been an artist my whole life, but I have only focused on sculpting in the last two years. I’m hooked! Animals are my primary focus, especially birds.

Birds are universally relatable. Even people who don’t have pets experience birds as part of their environment, whether urban or rural. I’ve always loved the anthropomorphic characters from illustrated books like Alice in Wonderland and The Wind in the Willows. By chance, I sculpted a bird in an 18th century dress. She is Countess Cooey, the central character in a story I’m developing.

The story is populated by bird characters, in a setting similar to the countryside of 18th century England. As I develop each character, bits of dialog and their relationship to one another start forming in my mind. The sculptures are becoming more realistic and detailed as my skills develop. My goal is to tell the story with sculptures, and complete it with painted backdrops.

Like fairy tales and other works of fiction, my art offers people a way to use their imagination.
In the trying times, we are currently experiencing, visiting a fantastical bird-world seems like a good idea. I hope people will smile, dream and enjoy some levity when they see my art.

Sculpture art by Leslie Sealey“Mr. Greywing”, detail. Polymer Clay Art, 8.5″ high

“Mr. Greywing”, Polymer Clay, 8.5″ high.

Magical Minerva Sculpture by Leslie Sealey“Minerva, Dowager Countess of Featherton”, Polymer Clay, 7″ high

Blue Appaloosa Sculpture by Leslie Sealey

“Blue Appaloosa”, Polymer Clay, 5″ high

Baby Goat Sculpture by Leslie Sealey“Baby Goat”, Air Dry Clay, 5″ high, base is 4″ diameter

Countess Cooey Sculpture by Leslie Sealey“Countess Cooey”, Resin Cast Limited Edition, 3.5″ high

Goose Detail Sealey Sculpture by Leslie Sealey“Goose”, Air Dry Clay and Mulberry Paper, 8″ high on 5″ oval base

Lady Grosbeak Sealey Sculpture by Leslie Sealey“Lady Grosbeak”, Polymer Clay and Paper, 4″ high

Morning Song Sculpture by Leslie Sealey“Morning Song”, Polymer Clay, Air Dry Clay and Mulberry Paper, 4.25″ high

Website: www.sealeyart.com
Instagram: @sealeyart
Facebook: @LeslieSealeyArt

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