Handmade and Crafted Sculptures by Rebecca
Sculpture Fantasy

Polymer Clay Dragons and Pets Sculptures

Hiya. I’m Rebecca, I am the artist behind ByBex. I am a polymer clay artist based within the UK, I specialise in dragons and pets. I started polymer clay about a year ago because I wanted to get my head out of my university work for a brief moment, and focus on creating beautiful sculptures. I have always loved mythical creatures. My friend and I used to make up mythical pets and pretend we were in this beautiful magical world. I suppose this is still how I get my head in the world of creating my magical dragons and creatures. My work is made from polymer clay, I use a variety of different brands but I do love working with Fimo clay for projects that I want the clay to be of colour, to give the work a Matt clean finish. A lot of my early work is using Fimo, but I wanted to try other clay brands to see the difference. Another brand I also LOVE working with Sculpey original clay (beige), I use this clay when I want some detail in my work, due to the clay being so beautifully soft like velvet.

Usually, when I’m working with Sculpey I like to use mica powder, pastels or acrylic paint for the finished look. Using this style adds such a mystical look to my dragons and definitely gives them much more definition and realism. I like to change up how I create each dragon and love trying new styles and things. I’ve recently started adding scales to my dragons to give a whole different look altogether. I get bored of doing the same style/thing all the time so anything new is awesome. I get my inspiration from a variety of places, like I mentioned above my friend and myself used to imagine a whole other world when we were young. But now I get my inspiration from mythical movies, books, mythology, the natural world and my imagination. Just recently I’ve been working on commission pet sculptures, I have done dogs, cats, horses and even a donkey. I absolutely love working on people’s pets and bringing there mini friend to life. I always look forward to making custom pieces. If you would like to check out more of my work my Instagram is: x.by_bex.x and my Facebook page is ByBex. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

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