Mixed media figure oil paintings

Mixed Media Figure Oil Paintings by Roberta Foffo

Mixed Media oil Paintings by Roberta Foffo

Dare to be Free

My name is Roberta Foffo, from Italy. I make art because I want to show everyone that it is possible to live the life of your dreams. You can follow your passion, do the job you’ve always dreamed of, show that side of yourself that you feel attracted to but feel embarrassed about. If I could convince my viewer that they have the power and the key to free themselves from their fears, and to live their life to the fullest while exploring new and exciting possibilities, my goal would be fulfilled. My mission to live creatively is what I hope will inspire and empower you to take risks, see possibilities, be daring and live outside the box. ~ Roberta Foffo

“Rebuilding” 80x60cm oil on canvas nude art  Mixed Media oil Paintings by Roberta Foffo“The parts of myself that i thought i was losing were actually going through growing pains. Transforming themselves into stronger fitting pieces of who i am becoming” Stacie Martin

“She is whiskey in a teacup” oil over mixed media on canvas 60x90cm mixed media figure painting, abstract nude painting by Roberta Foffo“You were my beauty-stricken chaos, my wild, lived-in soul, my star-bearing sonnet”

“Rise from the tide” Oil over mixed media on canvas 60x90cm mixed media figure painting, nude canvas oil painting by Roberta Foffo

“She was pushed, she was shoved, she was lost and she fell deep but during the fall she found herself”

“Scattering Light” 60x80cm Oil on canvas figurative art, naked girl oil painting by Roberta Foffo“She was beautifully out of place. Sometimes i believe she intended to be like the moon during the day”

“Orphic” 80×100 cm oil on canvas figurative art, nude woman oil painting by Roberta Foffo“yes, I have feelings and no, I’m not afraid of them not even the shadowy ones that you’d rather ignore i gather them in welcome them home give them space to breathe and light them on glorious fire just to see what might be illuminated while they burn” Jeanette LeBlanc

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