Beautiful artwork by Nichole McDaniel

Mixed Media Contemporary Artist Nichole McDaniel

Nichole McDaniel is a mixed media artist based out of Orange County, California. Although she has a variety of series and mediums she likes to experiment with, this year has been focused on one particular project, clouds.

Clouds provide positive energy and a more fluid approach to art than what she is used to.
After having a hard time painting consistently in 2020 due to the negative and sad energy in the world, Nichole decided to create something bright and vibrant. The sky provided the perfect balance of emotion, color, and diversity. “I have always been drawn to nature. Originally being from the midwest, I didn’t have the beautiful beaches that we do in Southern California. In the midwest, it was not uncommon to witness puffy cloudy days and colorful sunsets along the horizon. The colors of any paintbrush can be seen in the sky at some point. Whether it is a pastel dawn, a blue sky afternoon, an evening storm, or the black of night.”

At the beginning of 2021, Nichole decided to challenge herself to paint everyday. Her mini cloud series was born. Each 6×6 mini cloud series painting of the sky is beautiful on its own, and a few of them displayed together begin to capture the collective colors of the sky. Nichole typically paints larger works, including murals, making this project a bit of a challenge. It has given her the opportunity to experiment. So far this year she has painted over 40 mini pieces available on her website and is starting an 8×8 series soon to be released at galleries throughout Southern California. “Right now I just want to create positive energy and put that into the world. I think now is the time for that beautiful sunset after the storm.”

Luminous Skies Decor your wall Acrylic on Canvas“Luminous Skies” Decor your wall 6x6x1.5 Acrylic on Canvas.

Sun rays at Sunset Canvas Wall Decor Acrylic on Canvas“Sun-rays at Sunset” Canvas Wall Decor 6x6x1.5 Acrylic on Canvas.

Nichole McDaniel showcasing piece Laguna Skies Acrylic on CanvasNichole McDaniel showcasing piece “Laguna Skies”  6x6x1.5 Acrylic on Canvas.

Nichole McDaniel with beautiful artwork

Nichole McDaniel with piece “Rays to Heaven” Mini canvas wall decor for living room, 6x6x1.5 Acrylic on Canvas.

Mini Canvas Painting Cloud Series by Nichole McDanielMini Canvas Painting Cloud Series by Nichole McDaniel

Beautiful sunset painting Acrylic on Canvas“Beautiful sunset painting” 6x6x1.5 Acrylic on Canvas.

Blue Skies Acrylic on Canvas“Blue Skies” 6x6x1.5 Acrylic on Canvas.

Cotton Candy Acrylic on Canvas“Cotton Candy” 6x6x1.5 Acrylic on Canvas.

Taking in the Sunse Acrylic on Canvas“Taking in the Sunset” 6x6x1.5 Acrylic on Canvas.

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