Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks by Connie Lucio
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Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks by Connie Lucio

My name is Connie Lucio also known as (glambyconnie_) from Abilene Texas, but currently live in California. I’m a self-taught makeup artist for a little over 5+ years, my passion for makeup started when I had to do my makeup for my quinceanera while watching “how to do quince makeup for a pink dress” and that morning I used my mom’s makeup and the other girls who were in my quince loved how I did my makeup so they asked me to do their makeup too. That day I realized how much I enjoyed learning makeup, the techniques, the shimmer eyeshadows, mattes, variety of colors and learning to work with others face shapes, and what their makeup preferences were and that’s when I started looking into makeup a lot more because it made me feel happy, good and embrace who I am. I tried going through cosmetology school to better my makeup skills since I got recommended that was my only way to learn more about makeup but it wasn’t all about makeup so it made me unhappy for the longest until I gave up cosmetology school to focus more on having time to do makeup on myself, being a makeup content creator or YouTuber, I do not once regret giving it up because I attended a makeup academy that I dearly love so much and makes me happy. Soon after, I opened up to my mom on what I really wanted to do as a career she was supportive and took me to ulta beauty to let me pick out couple of things to practice and my first purchases was a Morphe 35B palette, 35OM and an urban decay foundation. I enjoyed being at ulta beauty and seeing different types of makeup brands, what certain products can do for you, and being able to be creative. So I would sit hours in my room working with different eye looks, it was my coping mechanism from a lot of my rough patches growing up in high school, struggling with anxiety, being shy, battling bullying/ cyberbullying and being anti-social, it helped me cope with those issues. Every time I was stressed or came home I would right away go to my room to do my makeup and start posting my looks becoming more creative, and makeup slowly became a passion of mine and I have not stopped showing my passion for makeup.

I enjoy challenging myself into new trends, getting out of my content comfort zone by wearing that black lipstick, hot pink lipstick and neon-bright eyeshadow with graphic liners.

I couldn’t be more happier on my decision along with the many more opportunities I got on my makeup journey as a self-taught artist. I will always believe people can achieve anything because I never thought I would get the attention, more skilled or opportunities as I do today being a makeup content creator and it’s only the beginning for me and I’m happy to continue growing, learning and sharing positivity all across my makeup platforms helping other small creators hoping I can inspire others to keep pushing and believe In themselves. – @glambyconnie_

Creative eye makeup by Connie Lucio

Eye makeup look by Connie Lucio

Creative eye makeup look by Connie Lucio

Eye makeup looks by Connie Lucio

Beautiful eye makeup by Connie Lucio

Color eye makeup look by Connie Lucio

Eye makeup by Connie Lucio

Gorgeous Eye Makeup by Connie Lucio

Nice eye makeup by Connie Lucio

Lovely eye makeup by Connie Lucio

Lovely eye makeup look by Connie Lucio

Nice Eye makeup look by Connie Lucio

Dark eye makeup by Connie Lucio

Eye makeup art by Connie Lucio

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