Creative eye makeup by Teodora
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To me, makeup has always been much more than my time to relax and unwind. It’s a form of art. It gives me the freedom and the power to be exactly who I am and who I want to be at any given moment. It’s also given me courage to try new things that I’m not sure I would have ever tried had I not started this page. And I named my account glam_diary because I wanted to keep a scrapbook, if you will, of all my glams and that’s exactly what it’s become. It has become a place for me where I get to choose which parts of myself I want to shine a light on at any point in time. As humans, I feel like we’re a multitude of things and that’s the beauty of it. And makeup has really helped me explore all different sides of myself which is why some of the looks I do on my page are really bold and bright and others are soft and demure- because that’s how I was feeling the day I created them. And even though there are a million new trends in the makeup world every day, which I partake in sometimes and enjoy, I make it a point to wear what I feel on my face. Because as this is my personal art form, if it isn’t saying what I’m saying at any point then I believe it’s not saying anything at all. On a less serious note, I would tell anyone who wants to experiment more in the world of makeup to have fun and do whatever feels right for them and remember that there are no rules. ~ @glam_diary

Trendy eye makeup looks by Teodora

Makeup artist Teodora

Trendy eye makeup looks by Teodora

Lovely eye makeup by Teodora

Beauty Eye makeup ideas by Teodora

Creative eye makeup looks by Teodora

Stunning eye makeup by Teodora

Eye makeup styles by Teodora

Eye makeup look by Teodora

Beauty eye makeup by Teodora

Makeup looks Teodora

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