Nina Albiniova Oil Painter

Beautiful Seascape Oil Paintings by Artist Nina Albiniova

My name is Nina Albiniova and I’m an oil painter. Growing up an eight hour drive away from the closest sea, it wasn’t until my fifteenth till I met my main painting subject – the sea. I believe that seeing it for the first time at that age made a huge impact on me, I was truly amazed by its power and beauty at the same time. Later on when I started to paint, there were no doubts about what my subject will be.

My paintings are born from a reference photo that I take when I am at the sea, often I would make small sketches to have something more personal to work with later on in the studio. When I am out there I try to really remember the light, feeling, smells, basically soak up the atmosphere. Later in the studio, I attempt to translate all that into my paintings. Capturing my experience and memories onto the canvas. My paintings are usually made from 3 to 4 layers using oil as a medium. In my works I try to show the beauty of the light plays on the water and evoke the feelings and memories people have in association with the sea. I really enjoy painting it in all its faces and moods.

If you would like to connect with me and follow more of my process, you can find me on social platforms- @@nina.albiniova and all of my artworks you can find on my website

Oceanside painting by Nina AlbiniovaNina painting in her studio painting ” ROLLER” 100x50cm oil on canvas.

Ocean painting canvas by Nina AlbiniovaWorking in the studio

Ocean waves painting by Nina Albiniova“SUNCATCHER” 120x80cm oil on canvas.

Sea painting Artist Nina Albiniova

Nina and her painting ” OPEN SEA” 100×80 cm oil on canvas , inspired by the sea at Cinque Terre, Italy.

Painting of the ocean at sunset by Nina Albiniova“GOLDEN HOUR” 120x 100 cm, the largest piece I’ve done , capturing sunset atmosphere at the sea.

Seascape sunset canvas painting by Nina Albiniova“GOLDEN HOUR” 120×100 cm, framed in the virtual room.

Ocean sunset painting by Nina Albiniova“WARMING UP” in the virtual room, shows an early sunrise in Sardinia, Italy.

Sunset sea painting canvas by Nina Albiniova“WARMING UP ” 70×50 cm oil on canvas, from ” Sardinia stories” series of paintings captured in Sardinia, Italy.


Sea oil painting by Nina Albiniova “OPEN SEA” the photo reference for this painting I captured on summer holidays while I was sitting on the rock in Cinque Terre and I watched the light dancing on top of the sea.

Ocean scene painting by Nina AlbiniovaThe final image of “DIAMONDS” 50X70cm oil on canvas, from series “Sardinia stories”

Oil painting ocean waves by Nina Albiniova“TURQUOISE” 100×70 cm oil on canvas, showing vivid turquoise tones in contrast with deep blue misty sea.

Ocean oil painting by Nina Albiniova“FLOATING” 100×70 cm oil on canvas, from ” Sardinia stories” series, capturing light play on the sea surface.

Ocean canvas wall art by Nina Albiniova“BREAKING ASHORE” 100×75 cm oil on canvas.

Oil painting tools In the studioPainting tools at Nina’s studio

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  1. Oh my goodness Nina, I love your work! I paint too and I’d like to think that someday I might be able to paint water and the sea even a little like you. Your work is just stunning! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

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