Handmade Polymer Clay Animal Sculptures
Sculpture Fantasy

Beautiful Animal Sculptures From Polymer Clay

My name is Isabelle Garces, I’m a polymer clay artist who also loves animals. I hand sculpt each piece and no two are the same. I’ve been sculpting for seven years, starting with polymer clay charms, to full size figurines now. I do both natural animals and fantasy creatures, like dragons. Some sculptures have hand painted eyes or glitter and pigment powder, but each one is made with love and a unique vision in mind. Currently I reside in New York with my three dogs and four cats! ~ BelleBuddies

Cute clay animal by by Isabelle Garces

Handmade Polymer Clay Animal Sculptures

Polymer clay animals ideas by Isabelle Garces

Beautiful Clay Animal Sculpture by Isabelle Garces

Cute clay animals by Isabelle Garces

Clay animals art by Isabelle Garces

Clay animal art by Isabelle Garces

Cute Polymer Clay Animal Sculptures by Isabelle Garces

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