Cameo doll portrait by Xhanthi

Create small sculptural cameo doll portraits

My name is Xhanthi and I’m a mixed media artist, from Australia currently living in the US. I create small sculptural cameo portraits. My work travels through quite a few twists and turns before reaching completion.

My pieces are designed using 3D software, then printed and finished with clay before being molded and then cast in polyurethane resin. Additional thematic elements are then hand sculpted before each character is finished and painted.

I recently released a small landscape series that explores the connection we have with nature. Each piece wears a painted mask over the eyes, the contrast between the sculptural mask and natural scene reflects the complex relationship all humans have with the environment.

I’m a self taught artist and began making pieces in 2018, I’m thrilled that people enjoy my work and look forward to honing my skills further. ~ Xhanthi

Cute demon doll sculpture by Xhanthi

Cute demon doll art by Xhanthi

Stunning red doll portrait by Xhanthi

Pop surreal doll art by Xhanthi

Pretty doll sculpture by Xhanthi

Lovely red cat mask doll by Xhanthi

Eye of the Forest doll art by Xhanthi

Surreal landscape doll art by Xhanthi

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