Fluid Acrylic Paint Techniques by Lottie OMara
Abstract Art

Abstract Art Paintings by Lottie O’Mara

Lottie O’Mara is an abstract painter, living in Bella Vista, AR with her husband Jim, and their two dogs, Bella and Lady. She feels right at home in the natural state, enjoying many of the outdoor activities it has to offer such as hiking and kayaking.

Lottie launched her business, Lottie O’Mara Art in 2017 to showcase her artwork, managing multiple e-commerce platforms, and marketing through social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook). She hosts weekly vlogs, sharing her journey as an artist with others, as well as tips and techniques.

In 2019, her paintings titled Fish Tale 1 & 2 were selected to be featured in “Inexplicable Stardust”, a book of poetry. ~ lottie o’mara

framed abstract art by Lottie OMara“Coral Hibiscus Print” White, coral, red, black and gold abstract hibiscus flower print.

abstract canvas wall art by Lottie OMara“Fish Tale Print” Black, white, green, yellow and orange abstract fish print.

Peacock abstract painting by Lottie OMara“The Peacock Print” Gold, turquoise, and blue abstract peacock print.

abstract canvas art by Lottie OMara

“Beauty in Transformation” White, yellow, blue and green abstract fluid acrylic painting on a 12″x16x.75″ canvas.

abstract wall art for living room by Lottie OMara“Tropical Blast” Pink, blue, yellow, orange and white abstract fluid acrylic painting on a 10″x20″x1.5″ canvas.

abstract wall art by Lottie OMara“Intuitive Process” Orange, yellow, blue, purple and white abstract fluid acrylic painting on a 12″x12″x1.5″ canvas.

abstract acrylic painting on canvas by Lottie OMara“Colors of the Ocean” White, blue and green abstract fluid acrylic painting on a 12″x24″x1.5″ canvas.

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