Wildlife Oil Paintings by Artist Maria Elena Luciani

Wildlife Conservation Art | Artist Maria Elena Luciani

My name is Maria Elena Luciani and I consider myself a Wildlife Artist. My paintings show my deep connection with nature, they celebrate its beauty and its priceless value. My works of art on canvas or plexiglass with lighting realistically return the subjects that inspired them. My palette is vivid and the compositions rich but balanced.

wildlife conservation art by Artist Maria Elena Luciani

Since the first attempts at painting, animals have been the driver of my creativity. I constantly feel an irresistible call to transfer the great love I have for them in art. I want to make people realize in my own way how important it is to make the world more sustainable, to actively take care for this great but vulnerable home and to protect those who live in it.

This passion and commitment are therefore inevitably linked to environmental protection and animal rights issues. This is also reflected in personal life choices. For this reason, I make donations to good organizations, also derived from the sale of my artistic products; I am vegan and pay attention to my lifestyle: I buy as few products as possible with plastic packaging and eventually re-use them as long as possible.

jellyfish painting by Artist Maria Elena Luciani“Graceful Magic” oil painting on plexiglass. These artworks combine the tradition of oil painting with an attractive lighting.

wildlife painting by Artist Maria Elena Luciani“Relax” oil on canvas. The fusion of human lifestyle and wildlife show in an artistic way the problem of loss of habitat for the many species of the world.

Oil and Australian red soil on canvas by Artist Maria Elena Luciani

“The Place Where Colors Are Born” oil and Australian red soil on canvas. Some places around the world are kept in my mind and later transferred to the canvas.

canvas art painting by Artist Maria Elena Luciani“The Inhabitants of my Town” A playful figurative language to deal with the issue of deforestation and human expansion.

painting of a turtle by Artist Maria Elena Luciani“Sea Turtle” oil painting on plexiglass with lighting.

starfish painting by Artist Maria Elena Luciani“Starfish” oil on plexiglass. The artwork can take on different colours through the lighting inside the frame.

canvas painting for bedroom by Artist Maria Elena Luciani“Bleeding for the hunted Foxes” By building personal connections to animals I paint double-portraits with which I offer my message to stop abuses against them.

Sealife painting by Artist Maria Elena Luciani“Sealife” oil on glass with lighting. The glowing fish seem to move gently in the sea changing their colours.


For further informations or to buy my artworks, please visit my website maryeluciani.com

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