Inspired portrait Painting by Erik Scot

Erik Scot artwork inspired by the thoughts and emotions

Erik Scot was born in Peoria, IL. Much like the other ambitious inhabitants of this uneventful city, he too wishes to watch the skyline get smaller in his rearview mirror. Since Erik was made aware of culture, he has had an unquenchable thirst to see other lands. Maybe that’s why Erik Scot joined the United State Marine Corps. back in 2010, that, and being too poor to afford college. Also, not being the most involved student in high school might have played a part, but you probably figured that much with him being a former Marine. It’s okay to laugh, he does.

Erik is currently working on his Bachelors of Fine Art at Illinois State University, in the studio arts. With a focus in painting. Afterwards Erik plans to continue his education by working towards his Master degree in Fine Art. He hopes to open his own art production studio once completed.

Portrait painting by Erik Scot

When faced with the entirety of my work. I see a forever evolving style and aesthetic to the art I create. Much like how water takes the form of whatever you pour it into. The images I create are shaped by the emotions that sparked the idea and are given life with the passion I breathe into them. Releasing the tension of a stressful world.

Painting is how I escape. Each stroke is a strike at the shackles tethered to my soul. The passion I feel to create is like a boat’s rope being shaken loose by an anxious tide. That’s when the art becomes an escape. Liberated through the act of creating. Traversing the waters of inspiration like a paint covered nomad, embarking on a journey to tranquility. Never stopping, always chiseling away at the chains that bind me. Until my soul is made free again. ~ Erik Scot

Barn and Birds Painting by Erik Scot

painting bird on a branch by Erik Scot

Portrait ideas face painting by Erik Scot

Snail Painting by Erik Scot

Snake Peirced hand Painting by Erik Scot

More Than Flesh Painting by Erik Scot

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