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My name is Brianna Housman and I am an artist living in the Southern Maine area. I would put my art into the categories of realism and hyperrealism. Light, texture and movement are elements I am drawn to and I try to bring these elements into my artwork. I started drawing 10 years ago in high school with just a #2 pencil and eraser and developed a passion, (maybe an obsession!) for art and realism. I continued to draw in my spare time throughout college and enjoyed discovering new techniques and mediums to incorporate into my work.

Now, I work primarily with graphite, white charcoal, and white gel to create realistic black and white images. I find that using white gel in conjunction with white charcoal helps create different grades of light and texture in my drawings, which helps me achieve a 3 dimensional image. I also recently started working on toned paper and have found it to be easier to work with than white paper in working towards a realistic result.

One of my favorite subjects to draw is people. I love trying to capture a person’s essence through a drawing and tell a story of who they are. I also love examining and finding ways to duplicate the complexity of skin texture and the way that light reflects on it. Drawing aging skin is something I’m particularly fond of and find visually interesting.

Another one of my favorite subjects is water. Like skin texture, it can be incredible complex to capture accurately through a drawing, and I’m always excited by a challenge!

If you would like to see more of my work, you can find me on Facebook at Brianna Housman Art, or on Instagram at bhousmanart. Thanks for reading!

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Hyper realistic drawing, Realistic pencil drawings

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