Amazingly photorealistic portrait drawings

Kenny Daniel’s Amazingly Photorealistic Drawings

My name is Kenny Daniel, popularly known as Kenny Daniel Art. I am incredibly passionate about creating lifelike portraits using pencils as my medium of choice.

Ever since I discovered my love for art, I have been captivated by the power of portraits to convey the depth and intricacies of human emotions. The challenge of capturing the essence of a person, their unique character, and their innermost feelings through the strokes of a pencil has become my driving force right from time.

For me, portrait art goes beyond capturing a mere likeness. It is about delving into the stories and experiences that shape an individual’s life, and then carefully portraying those narratives on paper. Each portrait I create is imbued with a meaningful story, reflecting the struggles, dreams, and triumphs of the subject.

I have attached a portfolio of my recent photorealistic artworks to provide you with a glimpse of my style and technique. I believe that my artwork stands out due to the meticulous attention to detail and the depth of emotions I strive to capture. Each stroke on paper is a labor of love, as I spend countless hours studying my subjects, understanding their journeys, and skillfully translating their essence onto the page.

I firmly believe that my artwork has the power to move people, inspire introspection, and foster connections. Through my pencil drawings, I aim to evoke empathy, ignite conversations, and celebrate the diversity and beauty of the human experience.

If you would like to explore my portfolio and witness the intricate details of my portraits, I invite you to visit my Facebook page at ~ @officialkennydanielart.

Amazing realistic drawing by Kenny Daniel

The Artist Kenny Daniel and his Art by Kenny Daniel

A photorealistic portrait drawing of Tamara Smart  by Kenny Daniel

Photorealistic Portrait by Kenny Daniel

Mind Boggling Photorealistic Drawing by Kenny Daniel

Draw with photorealism by Kenny Daniel

Make a photorealistic drawing by Kenny Daniel

Real Art of Photorealistic Drawing by Kenny Daniel

Creating photorealistic drawings by Kenny Daniel


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