Gorgeous flower field oil paintings with palette knife

Incredible Flower field Oil Paintings With Palette Knife

My name is Ulyana Korol and I’m an artist from Lviv, Ukraine. I think that nature is the most skilled artist. That’s why I never feel the lack of inspiration, aiming in my works to show its bright, unique and fragile beauty noticed by me.

I draw my artistic inspiration from traveling. A lot of amazing subjects often make me literally “hunt” them with the camera and later I paint them in my studio.

The main idea of my art is to transfer the emotion of happiness and also love our nature. My canvases emit warm light, the brightness of colors, love of life and these also make them vibrate with the sun, warmth and positive.

One of the loveliest and latest series of my works is showcasing the magic of different floral fields and gardens seen by me during my trips.

Sometimes it is the violet absolute of the endless lavender field, the golden shine of sunflowers, scarlet red of poppies field, some white oleander bushes, incredible and delicate pink of roses or shimmering ultramarine blue of cornflowers…

Color is very important for me while painting. I care about the purity and brightness of colors, as for me it’s the best way to express, how I am fascinated with
floral topic.

For more juiciness, I use the technique of palette knife oil painting. It makes me delighted to be able to combine pastous textured brush strokes with the image of a graceful bending of flower petals. ~ Ulyana Korol

White oleanders flower oil painting on canvas “White oleanders”, oil on canvas, 60×80 cm

Field of flowers painting by Ulyana KorolRed field of flowers painting on canvas, 35×35 cm

Magic Garden flower garden painting“Magic flower garden painting”, oil on canvas, 50×70 cm

Gorgeous flower of life painting

“Fragrance of a dream”, oil on canvas, 50×50 cm

Gorgeous Flower Oil Paintings With Palette Knife“Lavender infinity”, oil on canvas, 60×80 cm

Beautiful sunflower field painting“Field of Gold”, oil on canvas, 60×80 cm

Lovely cornflowers field painting“Field of cornflowers”, oil on canvas, 50×50 cm

amazing apple blossom painting“Apple blossom mosaics”, oil on canvas, 50×60 cm

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