Beautiful Landscape Paintings

Contemporary Landscape Paintings Inspired by Nature Art

My name is Monika Zimova and I have a passion in painting. The force that drives my process is a deep love for nature and appreciation for the beauty of an environment. There are particular places that stuck in my mind and create emotions in me. That’s the reason why I paint. Certain places create very strong emotions in me, they make me wonder and that’s what I love as well. I paint Scandinavian nature and landscapes.

I love adventure, discovery and mystery very much. Each time I paint from my imaginations, it’s like discovering a new place and giving it a physical form.
Overall, everything I paint is from my point of view magical and a lot of times mysterious. Everything I paint is also alive. Every subject of the painting, such as a tree, a house, the sun, the snow or the grass give me a feeling that they are their own alive beings.

Painting brings me closer to the feeling that life consists of magic and mystery and that there is more life around us than we think there is, that there is energy in everything. ~ Monika Zimova

Acrylic landscape painting“Arrival day” Acrylic and Ink on 60×43 Paper

Lava field landscape oil painting“Lava field” Oil on 90×120 Canvas

Landscape Paintings“I dream of other worlds” Ink, Pastel and Acrylic on 60×43 Paper

sunset painting fields of grass

“House on golden grass field” Oil on 70×100 Canvas

sunset landscape oil painting on canvas“It’s beautiful up here” Oil on 60×80 Canvas

oil painting landscape image

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