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The Realism Paintings Artist Sherry Farsad

My approach is currently exploring realism working towards hyperrealism to depict the finite world, mixed with the free flowing strokes of colour to capture the energy and the unlimitedness of its existence. It is a combination of real and aesthetic, defined and undefined.
Even the subject matter and the feelings will be of the same nature, tranquility and peace of love amongst the unruliness of pain and fear.
My goal is to express all I know from my own journey in this manner and bring the 2D perspective of the old (Rumi paintings – Persian Miniatures) and the 3D of realism and hyperrealism, to a 5D plane of spirituality and higher consciousness through the paintings and the mix and match of the styles and techniques such as sfumato and alla prima, with a high quality visual appeal. I want the viewer to feel, to lose themselves and to perceive what they need for where they are on their journey.

Because I want to paint what comes from within without influence from the outside world, I only view other artists works for inspiration and I don’t compare what they do and why, they do however give me a quality benchmark to assess where I am and where I want to be. I don’t follow social rules and advices because that is just an opinion formed based on a few experiences and has become the rule of the game, but what if the rules of the game could be created by you as you go. Neither Realism is the only way to do art, Nor is Abstract, Art is to express and create from your source, so who is to say what art is really!! This is the limitation governing the Art World and mindsets that I hope to break.

I also just like painting beautiful things portraying  feelings that resonate with me.  ~ @sherry.soulartist

This painting who am I Artist Sherry Farsad

Dance in the Moment Oil Painting on canvas by Sherry Farsad

How to Paint a Horse in Acrylics by Sherry Farsad

How to Paint a Horse in Acrylics by Sherry Farsad

German Shepherd Portrait Oil Painting on Wood Panel by Sherry Farsad

Swans Flames of Love Oil Painting by Sherry Farsad

Journey to Self Oil on Canvas by Sherry Farsad

Red Velvet Rose Acrylic and Oil on Wood Panel by Sherry Farsad

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