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Malaysian Nail Art Technician Based in Bolton, UK

I’m Jark, A Malaysian bespoke nail art technician based in Bolton, United Kingdom. I started my first career in a local pharmacy as a Counter Assistant and soon progressed to become a Pharmacy Dispenser. This job gave me a lot of satisfaction and confidence whilst gaining valuable customer service experience. So how did I come across nails? I was in awe of some amazing nail artists and their skills and I was shocked that they could do such fantastic work on such a small canvas (nail bed). I was amazed and inspired by amount of attention and detail that went into one small nail design and after seeing others, I decided to do some courses and practice at home. When my work was to a good standard, I started to look for a salon, to start as a full time nail technician and to begin the new chapter in my career. Changing a dream into reality.

Nail art is fun as there are no limitations for my imagination. There are an astonishing amount of nail art techniques such as, watercolour painting, acrylic painting, airbrushing, freehand painting, marbled nails and many more. Micro-cartoon painting is my favourite form of nail art and I have painted everything from Disney’s Frozen to Japanese Manga art. I keep myself motivated by trying out different nail art techniques and accept all kinds of challenges and requests from my amazing clients, this gives me the opportunity to be able to freehand paint and let my imagination go wild. Having my customers smile at the end of a session is my ultimate goal and I strive to give my clients the most enjoyable experience. Painting is very therapeutic and soothing to me and even my clients enjoy watching. Learning from others is how I spend my time after hours, trying out new techniques and combinations. I am free to be able to do what I enjoy most and I couldn’t ask for more. ~ @jark.nails

Cruella DeVil Nail Art Jark Nails

Hotel Transylvania Nail Art Jark Nails

The lady and the tramp Nail Art Jark Nails

Moana Nail Art Jark Nails

Butterfly Creative Nail Jark Nails

Squidgame Nail Art Jark Nails

Rockbands Nail Art Jark Nails

Celestial Nail Art Jark Nails

Carebears Nail Art Jark Nails

Butterfly Nail Art Jark Nails

Beautiful nail art Jark Nails

Watercolour flowers Nail Art Jark Nails

Studio Ghibli Nail Art Jark Nails

Nail design abstract Earth Paradise Island Nail Art Jark Nails

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