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I was taught the very basics of crochet as a young girl by my mum who is a keen crafter to this day. I fell in love with it instantly and proceeded to make everything crochet- pencil cases, handbags, bracelets and gift them to mum and all my friends. Distracted through teenage years I picked up crochet again in my early twenties. I started exploring different stitches, techniques and different constructions.

My mum taught me only the very basics and for the first couple of years all the projects were done in the most basic crochet stitches. When I picked crochet back up again in my early twenties I bought a couple of crochet magazines and was in awe of all the different projects, stitches and techniques you can do with crochet. A whole new world has opened right in front of me! I started researching different stitches and techniques online, watched some tutorials and started following a few crafty crochet designers online. Armed with the knowledge I started playing around with different stitch combinations and exploring different ways to achieve certain looks I was going for.

I have always been a rebel when it comes to crochet. I don’t think I have ever followed a pattern without adjusting it or changing things. This has taught me a lot of basics and how crochet techniques and stitches work. When I was expecting our first son I made him a Tunisian crochet cardigan and wrote a brief pattern. I submitted the design to one of the UK crochet magazines. The editor absolutely loved the design and she decided to publish it in a national magazine! And that’s when I got the designing bug and set up Blue Star Crochet Company in December 2016. That’s when I started designing for magazines and yarn companies and went onto being published in all 3 major UK crochet magazines. In May 2020 I decided to branch out and set up Blue Star Crochet blog where I share my free crochet patterns and tutorials.

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