Space art by Pilar Gogar

Pilar Gogar Space Art Nebula and Galaxy Paintings

Pilar Gógar opens a window to the contemplation of the universe, taking us to a galactic and metaphysical reality.

In today’s world, with its frenetic speed, her proposal invites us to stop and connect with the natural astonishment through the contemplation of the cosmos. A reality much bigger than each of us but of which we are all part. According to her, the universe has something special, when looking up at it we see our life from another perspective. In this way, her intention is to convey to the viewer the importance of human emotions and their connection to the universe.

Galaxies, nebulae, stars, planets, make up the language she works with.

To achieve this, she uses photographs from space telescopes and entities such as NASA and interprets them by combining different techniques such as oil, acrylic and airbrush, among others.

Despite the fact that she has been associated with painting all her life, was not until 2015 that she started her career as a professional full-time artist.

Based in Spain, her works have been part of different exhibitions as well as are part of private collections all over the glove.

If you want to see more of her artworks, you can find her under the name of @PilarGogar on different social media, such as Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube, where she uploads content and interacts regularly with her community. If you want to contact her you can do it through her webpage

Pillars of Creation space art by Pilar GogarPillars of Creation Painting – Acrylic and airbrush on canvas. 46x71cm / 18×28 Inch.

Nebula painting by Pilar GogarTriffid Nebula Painting – Acrylic, airbrush and colored pencils on wooden panel. 116×88,5x4cm / 1,5x46x35 Inch.

Orion Nebula Wall Art by Pilar GogarOrion Nebula Painting – Acrylic on 3D Canvas 90x150cm / 35×59 Inch.

Galaxy canvas painting by Pilar Gogar

Galaxy M106 – Acrylic and airbrush on canvas. 33x24cm / 13×9 Inch.

Space Art Tutorial, Galaxy painting ideas, NGC M106 Galaxy made with Acrylics

Monkey head Nebula PaintingMonkey Head Nebula – Oil painting on canvas. 60x60cm / 24×24 Inch.

Amazing space art paintingNGC 986 – Acrylic and Airbrush on canvas, 22x27cm / 9×11 Inch.

Galaxy painting by Pilar GogarNGC 4258 – Acrylic and airbrush on canvas. 33x33cm / 13×13 Inch.

How to Paint a Galaxy | Galaxy Painting Tutorial with Acrylic Paint, Airbrushing and Inks

Representation of Spiral Galaxy PaintingSpiral Galaxy M100 – Acrylic and airbrush on canvas. 22x27cm / 9×11 Inch.

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