Female figure painting art by Krystof Novotny

Artist Krystof Novotny: What it feels like for a girl

What it feels like for a girl is a comprehensive exhibition conceived into a series of twenty oil paintings depicting a woman’s life. It is a figurative painting, while the depicted ladies come mostly from the life of Krystof Novotny. His effort is to capture women’s desires, thoughts, and feelings in individual moments, important to them, their own lives. The very relationship of the artist to women is especially important in the creation of this series.

Expresses his thanks for these women in this way. Beyond this highly subjective level, the exhibition comes at a time when topics such as motherhood, women’s responsibility and freedom or equality, marginally inflected in connection with feminism, resonate more strongly in Europe. We are aware of the role of contemporary art, which, as in the past, plays the role of a kind of bearer of the mirror of society, which not only reflects but also asks questions. Therefore, like this series, they address everyone regardless of gender, updating these topics through the original approach of the author. Format-unified paintings (100×100 cm) were created over three years (2018 – 2020), due to the smooth continuity and sophistication of the paintings. The concept of the exhibition is thus enriched in meaning with the theme of moving – overcoming certain boundaries, whether our own internal or those set by our society. The originality of the approach lies not only in the formal side of the paintings, emphasized by realistic depictions in a certain parallel, especially with contemporary authors such as Chloe Wise or Kerry James Marshall, but also in the strong symbolism and iconography of the works, explained in detail in the exhibition portfolio. ~ Kryštof Novotný

Figurative oil painting by Krystof Novotny“Concilium Socialization” oil on canvas 100x100cm.

Figure painting in oil by Krystof Novotny“Divination” oil on canvas 100x100cm.

Cityscape painting by Krystof Novotny“Electricity Cross that bridge is the consequence” oil on canvas 100x100cm

Woman figure painting by Krystof Novotny

“Happiness City light painted girl” oil on canvas 100x100cm

Family painting by Krystof Novotny“Love” oil on canvas 100x100cm

Figure Painting ideas by Krystof Novotny“Sadness” oil on canvas 100x100cm

Human Figure Painting by Krystof Novotny“Sex” oil on canvas 100x100cm

Oil figurative painting by Krystof Novotny“Vitalum Vitalis” oil on canvas 100x100cm.

Figurative art by Krystof Novotny“Work” oil on canvas 100x100cm

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