Painting of animals by Safa Qureshi

Saving Animals by Painting Animals- Safa Qureshi

My name is Safa Qureshi and I am a oil and watercolor painter! My artwork reflects my enchantment with nature and animals by revealing them as they exist through my eyes. I portray their magnificent aura that may often go unnoticed. The natural world is in a fragile state. It is up to us to come together to heal our home!

My artistic ability seems to come from deep within me. I often feel like my eyes are only spectators of the whole experience, I watch in awe as my hand glides across the canvas and trust that I know what I’m doing. I am self-taught, but sometimes I wonder if something inside of me knew all along.

Saving Animals

I do not take my gift for granted. My life’s purpose has been crystal clear since childhood. I use my artistic abilities to play my part in healing the natural world. I paint the beauty of the natural world to spark compassionate awareness. I strive to inspire change and foster a connection to animals and play my part in saving them. I raise money for animal organizations through every purchase of my artwork.

I sell my original paintings as well as customizable reproduction prints in a variety of materials! I dedicate contributions of my profit to animal conservations that are changing the world! I am honored to be in the position to come full circle with my passion for saving their innocent lives from destruction.

Each painting tells a unique story. “Farewell” exposes the tiger pelting industry. The mother tiger was killed to be turned into a carpet. The spirit of the mother tiger is bidding farewell to the young cub she will no longer live to raise as her own. Her spirit is emerging from a tiger pelt surrounded by blooming anemones. Painting this tragic scene for over 150 hours was certainly the most emotional painting I have ever created… I felt the mother tiger’s pain with every stroke of paint.

I hope my creations touch your soul and inspire you to contribute to saving the precious animals we share this beautiful planet with…

See all of my available artwork and all my print options on my website:  I regularly post to instagram: silverkeycreations and my facebook page: silverkeycreationsbysafa You can also join my Flutter Flock, a free email subscription for a boost of positivity! You can join through my art newsletter! You can also listen to my positivity podcast called “My Positive Pocket” for more positive sparkles!

Farewell tiger painting by Safa Qureshi“Farewell”, 30×40, oil on linen. 2019.

Romance peacock painting by Safa Qureshi“Midnight Romance”. Oil on Canvas. 36in x 48in. 2018.

Dreams horse dancing painting by Safa Qureshi

“Dancing on Dreams”, 30×40, oil on linen. 2020.

Colorful Phoenix painting by Safa Qureshi“True Colors”, 16×20, oil on canvas, 2019

Bird dancing painting by Safa Qureshi“Dancing on Jewels”, 40×60. Oil on canvas. 2017

Lion painting by Safa Qureshi“Dreamcatcher” 40in x 60in. animal oil painting on canvas. 2018.

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  1. I thought this artwork is amazing at spreading the awareness of endangering and it got me to start helping endangered animals

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