Draw hyper realism portrait by Jesse Lane

Jesse Lane Draw Incredible Hyper-Realistic Portraits

Even as a hyper-realistic portrait artist, my goal is not to focus on a person’s outer appearance, but rather their inner emotions and thoughts.

I believe I am drawing portraits of the inner soul, the truest version of one’s self. The theme of my work is our common odyssey of personal struggle.

Often, a better version of ourselves lies on the other side of our challenges. Struggle pushes us to grow, think and reflect. There is a certain hope and opportunity unique to our challenges.

I think in times of struggle, we are on a journey — not to fix our situation, but to become a stronger version of ourselves. It can either make or break us.

My figures are drawn in the dark, yet highlights are sources of hope… as if to say, there is an end to the darkness around you.



Through art, I’ve been able to find something inside myself that changed my life.

Growing up, I often felt alone. In school, I was struggling with the challenges of dyslexia. I desperately wanted to find a place in life where I didn’t feel inferior.

For years, I bottled up my feelings. Then I realized they could be a source of inspiration. I began creating images of personal struggle and intimate emotion.

What was hidden for so long became voiced and heard. For the first time, I felt truly seen. I took my weakness and made it my strength. Along the way, I’ve discovered we all share these feelings. Personal struggle is universal, but also unique to each of us.”

When people see my portraits, they’re surprised I work in colored pencils. I love the precision and versatility. This medium can be as rich and nuanced as any other. One of my goals is to advance colored pencils in the world of fine art.

At best, I hope my work is both contemporary and timeless.

Jesse Lane (born 1990) lives in The Woodlands, Texas. He teaches workshops online and in person. Discover more at JesseLaneArt.com. Jesse is represented by RJD Gallery in Romeo, Michigan.

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