Gifts of the moths Portrait oil painting by Artist Lisa Lennon

Magical Realism Paintings by Artist Lisa Lennon

My name is Lisa Lennon and I am a full time artist living in the mountains near Malaga, Spain. I am originally from the Isle of Man, a place of myth and folklore which was highly influential on me and comes through my work to this day. I studied at Camberwell School of Art, London in the early 90’s where I originally focused on sculpture and over the years moved over to painting where I find I can express my inner world more colourfully.

My work is based in realism and yet conveys the sublime nature of the mystery of life. I am interested in that fine line between what we see in the physical world and the ineffable quality of existence that is empirically experienced as timeless. I question the nature of reality and in there lies the desire to outwardly express it through painting.

The paintings are not overtly symbolic, there is not one way to read them. I am often asked about the symbolism. I explain that the symbolism is implied, it is to reach beyond the mind to a place where mystery resides, beyond thought, beyond reason. To touch that place where all struggle to understand no longer exists, in a sense to enter a realm of stillness and wonder.

My work is often characterised as magical realism. Magical realism is a style that explores the incongruousness and strangeness of existence. My paintings have a traditional feel but are informed by a life that has been unconventional and colourful.

When I am not painting I also engage in public speaking and I have written two books exploring similar topics to my paintings. ~ @lisalennonart

The Reading Realism Painting by Artist Lisa Lennon

Golden Key Realism Painting Artist Lisa Lennon

Aether realistic portrait oil painting by Artist Lisa Lennon

Portrait Painting Ideas by Artist Lisa Lennon

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Sea geese Portrait realism painting Artist Lisa Lennon
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Realism figurative painting by Lisa Lennon

Portrait realism painting by Lisa Lennon

Dawn realism painting by Lisa Lennon

Discovery Watercolour Painting by Lisa Lennon

Realism Watercolor Painting by Lisa Lennon

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