The Artworks by Elena Nabokova

The Artworks of Elena Nabokova

My name is Elena and I’m an artist living and working in Philadelphia, USA. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been passionate about art. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always carried an album or notebook with me whenever I go, just to not miss an opportunity to capture things in nature and moments of everyday life. And that’s what my paintings are about now: about little things in everyday life that sometimes get overlooked, about the beauty of the world that surrounds us, and most of all about human nature. That’s what fascinates me the most-our nature and how we connect with the world, our emotions and feelings, and what lies behind it. I truly believe that emotion is the most beautiful and pure thing in the world and I’m ready to spend a lifetime trying to capture it on the canvas. ~ @elenanabokova

A New Day oil painting by Elena Nabokova“A New Day” oil on canvas, 2021

After swim acrylic painting by Elena Nabokova“After swim” acrylic on paper, 2021

Entering the World of Dream Artwork by Elena NabokovaEntering the World of Dreams (2020)

Me and my shadow acrylic painting by Elena Nabokova

“Me and my shadow” acrylic on paper, 2021

Reflection acrylic painting by Elena Nabokova“Reflection” acrylic on panel, 2020

Reminder oil painting by Elena Nabokova“Reminder” oil on panel, 2019
“A reminder of what?” – you might ask. We all get those moments of doubts, uncertainty, or even desperation from time to time. In those vulnerable minutes more than ever we need something to remind us, how strong our will is,a reminder, that it is possible, against all odds, to reach our golden dreams. At least, that’s how I felt painting it. I hope that’s how you feel by looking at it.

Still life with sunflowers and books oil painting by Elena Nabokova“Still life with sunflowers and books” oil on canvas, 2021
It’s little things that make some place a home: flowers, books, handwritten notes and pictures, little details that bring warmth and coziness. And I wanted to capture this feeling, feeling of home.

Walking through Antelope Canyon acrylic painting by Elena Nabokova“Walking through Antelope Canyon” acrylic on paper, 2021

You too must seek the sun oil painting by Elena Nabokova“You too must seek the sun” oil on panel, 2019

Scene across the street acrylic painting by Elena Nabokova“Scene across the street” acrylic on paper, 2021
I was going through old photos and found one that inspired me to make this painting. It was the last day of my first trip to the US, 6 years ago. I was in New York, sitting in the café across the street from some jazz club. I remember looking out the window, seeing that red car and musicians playing in the neon light…I thought: “This is New York how I imagined it, this is what I’ve seen in movies, and now I’m here!”. So I took a photo of that scene and after all these years it’s still one of my favorite pictures. And now it’s one of my favorite paintings.

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