Sculpture Artist Isabel Robledo

Ceramic Figure Sculptures by Artist Isabel Robledo

My name is Isabel Robledo, I´m from North of Spain and I make ceramic figures with a clay bottle. Do you realize that pottery is one of the oldest crafts in the world, one of the oldest industries on the planet? Neolithic. From almost the same time, they were the small plastic figures that adorned our houses in the 70s and that all Spaniards and foreign tourists had at home, a souvenir made in Spain, Meninas, flamenco, bullfighters, pilgrims… We have a country rich in traditional culture loaded with symbols and anecdotes that characterize us. Over time, everything must evolve, the look, the style, the aesthetics… We no longer eat out of clay pots and now, souvenirs are not the same either. History, art with a very, very personal style.

flamenca volantes ceramic figure sculpture

Frida Ox ceramic figures

nacimiento nino gordito abstract figure sculpture

lagrimas de menina ceramic sculpture

Menina botones contemporary ceramic sculpture

menina dos picos figure sculpture

menina espiral clay abstract figure sculpture

Torero montera figure sculpture

peregrino de capa ancha sculpture human figure

peregrino dorado ceramic figures

torero ceramic sculpture

Instagram: @isabelrobledog

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