Beautiful Flower Paintings with Soft pastels

Paintings the Beauty of Flowers With Soft Pastels

My whole life is art. I have been painting for almost 11 years. From childhood, I felt that a painter lives in me. Because the paints and pencils made me the happiest child in the world. I feel that my mission is to decorate life around people, to draw their attention to the details of nature.

When I was 6-7 years old, my parents left me at home and went to work. So that I would not be bored, my mother gave me many of her magazines about nature, garden and flowers, she loves plants and such literature filled our house. For several hours in a row, I enjoyed leafing through them, reviewing vivid photographs. And then i outlined the contours of flowers in the photo a pen without ink, imagining how I paint them. Even then, I dreamed that it would depict incredible paintings.

Beautiful Flower Paintings with Soft pastels

I find inspiration in nature, especially in botany, I want to show people the beauty of the small world in the tinest details. I often go out into the field to take pictures or collect materials for my paintings. My hobby is photography and growing flowers.

It is not surprising that botany is my main theme because I even worked for some time as a florist. In any case, art has tremendous power and a great influence on the worldview of people.
I combine realism and graphics on the background with peculiar shades gradation. It is quite unusual when the graphic designs turn into color and come to life.

I’ll tell you a story of how I started creating such a combination. I always loved graphics and draw black and white drawings with a pencil, often consider the structure of trees, especially the lines of their branches (probably because in my country trees stand without leaves for a long time).
Once sitting at home, I decided that it would be nice to create the illusion of a window by drawing graphic branches with a marker on canvas. Then hang on the wall the silhouettes of these refined tops of different trees… an illusion of light and air. Of course, later I wanted to add brighter colors, combine simplicity and complexity, leaving the emphasis on botany.

I also like to paint flowers with soft pastels. Particular weightlessness and fogginess for the interior, pastel flowers seem to come to life from colored dust.
I see the beauty in the simplest things and fix these moments on canvas and paper. This beauty makes me happy and I am happy to share it with you. Let’s fill our lives with wonderful things together! ~ Anastasia Garbar

Beautiful flower painting

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Paintings the Beauty of Flowers With Soft pastels

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