Ocean Waves Paintings

Artist Alesia Habovych: Hyper Realistic Ocean Waves Paintings

The modern world is replete with ideal images of people, interiors, expectations, and decisions. Many of us keep striving for perfection in everything, forgetting that the very concept of “perfect” can only be in theory.

That is the reason why we enjoy the ideal image of nature with such a pleasure. Photos, videos, pictures.

No one will bite here, no sting, absolute safety. We hang on the wall a refined view of the ocean; take away the moment we like into our fortress. Sea without sand adhering to lips, without stinging jellyfish, without seaweed wrapped around legs, without annoying insects.

Similar things had already occurred in the past and are happening right now. We take the shells of the beach, and try to preserve the scent of flowers in our homes. Nowadays development of civilization led to almost absolute eviction of nature out of our megacities. This causes the extreme longing for the environment we are evolved to live in, but that is lost for billions of us.

Alesia Habovych Artist Modern Contemporary Ocean Art Paintings

Therefore humanity tends to replace nature with artificially created images involving modern technologies to make them feel more real.

Every single time, watching a funny video with animals or hanging a landscape on a wall, playing a relaxing record of surf noise, we join the process that I call Carvinism (This means “carving” a window to the nature using technology or something artificial instead of reaching it in person). I find it very attractive that every person had been involved in it at least several times and we don’t harm nature but just admiring it’s beauty being far away. This is giving rise to understanding the value of every untouched corner of our planet and desire to keep it for ourselves and next generations.

As a resident of a metropolis, I lack nature. Yet still not ready to exchange it for a house on the seashore or rural estate. Maybe one day I’ll move to the house near deserted beach and as the time will pass I will start missing urban landscapes or thousands of human faces flickering in the crowd. Then I’ll switch to portraits and cityscapes. Nevertheless, for now I’m focused on the splashes, waves and colorful moments that the mighty oceans and seas give us as the most precious gift.

Wave painting by Artist Alesia Habovych

Most of my works have a detailed image of splashes, foam and glare. I find this interesting, probably because as an artist I belong to my time. In the modern world, everyone can use social networks to show the details of their life like spent day or even their lunch. This gives rise to a certain perception. Love for details and requirements to image clarity. Artist of the past used to to depict the seascape as a separate story, scene, and I see it as a frozen moment. The one when Goethe’s character shouted: “Stay, fleeting moment! You’re divine!”

I enjoy the illusion that a moment can freeze.

Become a nice rainy day fund that you can use any time to feel the whole spectrum of sweet emotions again. I never paint in a bad mood to avoid transferring it to another person. Therefore, any serious life troubles, problems with my family members’ health etc. are twice worse for me. Because this also means a break in my creative work. However, after they are gone I’m back with even more energy and hope that anyone who looks at my paintings will walk away from it a little bit more happy and inspired than was before. ~ Alesia Habovych

Ocean waves painting by Artist Alesia Habovych

Sea storm painting by Alesia Habovych

The great wave painting by Artist Alesia Habovych

Big wave painting, sea storm painting by Artist Alesia Habovych

the wave painting by Alesia Habovych

Ocean waves painting by Artist Alesia Habovych

Ocean Art Paintings

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