Beautiful abstract floral painting
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Noemi Ibarz Merce (NiM) Abstract Floral Paintings

Noemi Ibarz was born in Lleida, Spain in 1974. In 1998 She graduated in fine arts from the University of Barcelona, in the speciality of engraving.

She has worked for 15 years in textile design, combining this work with exhibitions of her paintings, very influenced by the engraving technique. Attracted by nature, the organic lines of her works combined with vibrant colours make her art very pleasant for the viewer, who can lose itself between the details of their works like in a walk in the woods or down the sea. She loves the work of classic painters like Klimt, Mucha, Schiele, Klee and others mainly from Modernism and Art Nouveau. Her works are painted mainly with acrylic paint and Posca Markers (Acrylic+gouasche paint).

She doesn’t work with previous sketches, starts a painting and never knows how it will end, like the intuitive painting. Noemí lives now in Canet de Mar, a small town on the coast of Catalonia with her husband, her daughter, five cats and a crazy dog, painting every day as a therapy for her soul. ~ Noemí Ibarz 

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The work I do is a way of exposing the interior spaces, which I need to visit daily to calm my inner self. These spaces are influenced by nature in all its shapes, but above all by marine and vegetable landscapes. Thus, in my paintings, I use vibrant colors painted with acrylics and alcohol inks as an abstract base where I intuitively place the lines that form the landscapes I see inside me.

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