Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Let’s Cope Up With Dull Bathroom Backsplashes- Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Meta Description: You need to read this blog if you’re dealing with boring bathroom spaces! Here are some simple and trendy bathroom backsplash ideas to enhance your bathrooms. Dealing with dull or untouched bathroom backsplashes can be tricky! But, trust me, your bathroom walls need backsplash, and there are several...
make beaded snake necklace by FoxyStyleJewelry

Gorgeous Beaded Snake Jewelry by FoxyStyleJewelry

FoxyStyleJewelry - creative workshop, which is engaged in manufacturing handmade beaded jewelry. Our work differs from the line counterparts by originality, practicality, and nonstandard due to the individual work of our consultants with each customer. We will help you to choose the jewelry, every day, and for any important event...
Daniela Castro Fashion and Pattern Designs
Fashion Illustration

Fashion and Pattern Designer Daniela Castro

I´m inspired by fashion, vintage art references, and Brazilian exuberant nature. Bold and saturated colors are my signature both for print, pattern designs and illustrations. As an illustrator, I combine both traditional and digital techniques. I'm constantly testing new ways to express ideas! My favorite materials are watercolor, colored pencils,...
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