Woodcraft by Domingos Edral

Wooden Boats – Woodcraft by Domingos Edral

Domingos Edral is originally from Portugal, but has lived most of his life in Brazil. He used to show his creativity through awarded surrealist paintings for most of his youth. After a long professional life working in the naval construction field, he decided to engage with the three things he loves the most: the sea, painting and wood carving.

His work is being made since 2018. Since then, these amazing handmade wooden boats and flowers have been shown in many art fairs, since he has been traveling around Brazil. His next step is taking his art to Portugal. ~ domingos edral

Sailboat sculpture wood carving art by Domingos Edral

Woodcraft by Domingos Edral

Wood carving sailboat sculpture by Artist Domingos Edral

Sailboat sculpture modern by Domingos Edral

Home decor wooden boat by Domingos Edral

Woodcraft wooden boat by Domingos Edral

Wood carving by Domingos Edral

Wood carving ideas by Domingos Edral

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