Incredible Wood Carving Arts By Using Chainsaw

Incredible Wood Carving Arts By Using Chainsaw

My name is Josh Carte, and I live and carve in Southeastern Ohio. I’ve been carving for 12 years, and the past 4 1/2 years have been full-time. I first began my carving journey when I noticed a chainsaw carved mushroom at a friend’s house. I thought, “I can do that.” So, I talked to a friend who ran a chainsaw shop. He got me a saw, and I went home and carved a mushroom. It was crude and misshapen, but I loved creating something from nothing. From there, there was no stopping me. I began carving every day, failing and learning. It was fascinating to me. I continued to carve using only a chainsaw until o started noticing other folks carving detailed faces.

Again, I thought “I can do that.” Turns out, faces are incredibly difficult. I’d spend all of my free time studying and learning to carve different styles of faces and expressions. After 8 years of “practicing”, I decided to try and carve for a living. For the past 4 1/2 years, I’ve been doing what I love every day, thankfully. I sell all of my work on my website-, and I’m very grateful to be able to provide for my family, doing what I love.

Hand Carved Bone Necklace by Using ChainsawThe Big Smile: Elk Antler Pendant, Hand Carved Bone Necklace.

Old Man Wood Spirit, Wood carving art By Using ChainsawThe Nose Picker: Wood Spirit Carving, Cottonwood bark Carving, Old Man Wood Spirit

Wood Carving of a Face artwork by Josh Carte

Old Man Face Wood Carving Art by Josh Carte

Wood Carving of a Face art by Josh Carte

Knot All It’s Cracked Up to Be Hand Carved Wood Art by Josh Carte“Knot All It’s Cracked Up to Be”

Davy Jones Wood Carving By Using ChainsawThe Octopus Face: Davy Jones Wood Carving, Maple Burl Wall Art

Wood Carving of Face art by Josh Carte

Wood carving art walking stick with 3 faces By Using ChainsawWalking stick with 3 faces: Macabre Wood Art, Hand Carved Walking Stick, Wood Spirit Carvings

Jesus Wood Carving in Maple Burl By Using ChainsawThe Jesus Carving: Jesus Wood Carving in Maple Burl, Wood Wall Art

Owl sculpture wood carving by using chainsawOwl Wood Carving, Wood Wall Art, Hans Carved Owl Sculpture Wood

Dogwood Root Ball wood carving art By Using ChainsawThe image with several faces: Dogwood Root Ball, Wood Carving Art, Wood Spirit Carvings


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