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Tracey English Hand Coloured Paper Collage Art

My name is Tracey English and I was born in Croydon a suburb of SE London in the U.K

Both my parents were creative they met at art school. My dad was an art director and illustrator, even to this day he can be found in his home studio working away at his wood cuts which he sells through South Bank Printmaking Gallery, my mum was a teacher and water colour artist she sadly passed away over 25 years ago but I still have some of her work around to inspire me in my daily work routines. My brother is a film director and producer.

I studied printed textile design at collage and I have remained in the creative field all my adult life.

I now live in SW London with my husband, a dog called Daisy and a cat called Jelly, my sons are both away at university and my stepdaughter has a family of her own, so I now have much more time now to spend on my work.

I love to create my images with hand coloured paper which I create using acrylic paints, each design is cut out and pasted down before I scan it into the computer. I generally use Photoshop to clean up the images and tweak anything if necessary. I am inspired by my environment, city life, nature and the way things interconnect. I love pattern and colour and I seek it out whenever possible.

Over the past few years, I have taken a few online courses and they have really helped me find my focus again, I also love to join in with online challenges whenever possible.

At the moment, I work through an agent called Jehane she is based in Brighton on the SE coast of the U.k. She inspires and encourages her artists to produce the best work we possibly can.

I work on both licensing projects and commissions and I also have an Etsy shop where I sell some of my own prints, greeting cards and tea towels.

My clients include QuarryBooks, DK, Bloomsbury Publishing, Comme Des Garçon, Design House greeting, Sellers Publishing, Werkeshoppe Puzzles, Clothworks and many more. ~ @Tracey English

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