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Ajith Chandran Creates Beautiful Fashion Illustrations

As a professional Fashion Illustrator and Doctor, Ajith Chandran creates Fashion illustrations that are as vivid and alive as the scenes he picture in his mind. In a short amount of time, he’s able to transfer his ideas into engaging and meaningful sketches and images.

As a lifestyle and fashion Illustrator, Dr. Ajith had the pleasure of working with the likes of Louis Vuitton, ValdrinSahiti, Pedram Couture, White Lily by Navneet Sidhu, CASA Decor, Kiaan Couture and many more.


I started my journey as a fashion illustrator in the year 2016 and created my Instagram handle @ajith chandran illustrations.
I always had an eye for fashion but never joined any classes until 2016 when I started learning realistic fashion illustration online from various websites.
Took me around a year to learn the basics.
I remember I had my first client in the year 2017. Earlier their wasn’t much work as I was only starting. So I was only sketching for my feed and thinking about how to make my feed better. But by 2018 things changed and I am happy and thankful to God that I have been working constantly in this field.
It’s hectic, working for clients as well as studying mbbs, but I didn’t quit, because I know that only with practice and working more in this field, can bring me down to the roots professionally.
I know that I don’t have a huge social media presence but at least I am happy that I am constantly working with designers either for their new collections or for their clients.

For all my followers, I Just wanted to say:-
Just keep creating what you like and Never undervalue yourself,
If someone criticize your work let them, you know how much hard you worked to be in a position where you are right now, so never doubt yourself, so the only thing you can do that is to take criticism when you need it. If the clients genuinely want you as there Illustrator, they will hire you. So never ever doubt your calliber.

Stay humble and if someone doesn’t like your art let them not, Not everyone will like what you do.
Always remember, If you have faith in yourself then sky is your limit.

Trendy fashion clothes by Ajith Chandran


Illustrated the beautiful couture from BURSA_jjvalaya by Ajith Chandran


Fashion illustration art by Ajith Chandran

Beautiful fashion illustration by Ajith Chandran

Sophie Choudry fashion illustration by Ajith Chandran

Trendy fashion illustration by Ajith Chandran

Lehenga fashion illustration by Ajith Chandran

Green is Subtle Illustrated and beautiful couture from millanova_milla by Ajith Chandran


Women's trendy fashion clothing by Ajith Chandran

Digital Fashion illustration by Ajith Chandran

Modern fashion illustration by Ajith Chandran

Illustration art by Ajith Chandran

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